Website Terms of Use

Website Terms of Use

Parties using this website acknowledge and agree to the conditions below. TF-METAL may change content of this website at any time, and therefore it requests that users always be sure to confirm the latest information. Also, this website contains links to other websites operated by TF-METAL, its affiliated companies, etc., and users agree to the usage conditions written therein when using such websites.


TF-METAL and/or the concerned content provider hold copyrights about all content in this website (written content, materials, images, sounds, other copyrighted matter, etc.) and those are protected throughout each country by copyright laws and other laws as well as various copyright agreements. Use for personal objectives, copying, conversion, sale, or any other type of usage of any content of this website not specifically permitted by copyright laws is strictly forbidden.

Trademarks etc.

All trademarks and rights thereof, logos and trading names on this Website belong to us or individual owner. Unless permitted by rights of trademark Act and other laws, using them without our permission is prohibited. Please contact us to obtain permission in advance.

Exemption from Liability

Although TF-METAL exercises the utmost care in determining information to be displayed in this website, it makes no guarantee whatsoever regarding the accuracy, effectiveness, reliability, safety (that it contains no viruses, etc.), etc. of such information and bears no liability whatsoever for any loss of any type incurred by any party through use of this website.
Please be aware that TF-METAL reserves the right to change the content of this website or suspend or stop operation of this website without prior notice and bears no liability whatsoever for any loss of any type incurred by any party as a result of any such change, suspension or stoppage.


We request that any party desiring a link to this website contact TF-METAL and obtain its permission prior to establishing any such link.
The content of any website ([Link Site]) of any party other than TF-METAL linked from or to this TF-METAL website is controlled at the responsibility of the said party and is not the responsibility of TF-METAL. TF-METAL bears no liability whatsoever for any loss incurred by any party as a result of the content of any Link Site or use thereof.

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