We understand market and economic trends on a global level allowing us to plan and implement our strategy for future products.

Benchmarking Activity
Exhibition Research
Technical Exchange Meeting

Research and Development (R&D)

Product Development
Technical Development


We design our products to meet specifications of the market and our customer.

Product Design

Experiment and Analysis

Experiment Evaluation
Analysis Evaluation
Seat Belt Anchorage Strength Test
Nonlinear Analysis
Vibration Measurement
Experimental Modal Analysis
Vibration Test
Vibration Analysis
Moment Endurance Test
Mechanism Analysis
Rearward Moment Test
Operation Durability Test
Sound Measurement(Semi-Anechoic Room)
Evaluation of Electronic Components(Anechoic Chamber)

Thorough quality evaluation

We have our philosophy, experiments define products
and address the quality evaluation with the advanced reliability trial.
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