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Environment Policy

Environment Policy
  1. Compliance with Environment Regulations
    1. We abide by applicable laws, regulations and other requirements to fulfill CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).
    2. We set our own self management standards and make strong efforts that allow noticeable reductions on any and all burdens to our environment.
  2. Efficient Usage of Resources and Energy
    1. We strive to reduce material usage and save resources and energy through "Quality Improvement".
    2. We strive to apply 3R practices (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) through disposal reduction and trash control by separation.
    3. We strive to continually reduce any burden to our environment utilizing product design engineering, production, and delivery.
  3. Prevention of Contamination and Accidents
    1. Utilizing best practices of Environmental Management Systems, we maintain a genuine ongoing effort to prevent contamination which may arise from any normal or abnormal business activities.
    2. In the event of any environmental issues or concerns, we will respond immediately ensuring transparency and open communication in order to prevent any form of recurrence.
  4. Response to Burden on Environment
    1. We establish internal organization to comply with global regulations about prohibited substance and restrictions
    2. We promote replacement of toxic substance and reduce burden on environment and risk to users
  5. Contribution to Local Society
    1. We coexist with local society and participate in green activities.
    2. We promise to respond the complaint and request in an effective and timely manner.
  6. Environmental Education / Human Resource Training
    1. We conduct and implement ongoing training for certified personnel which include legal requirements as applicable.
    2. We monitor and adhere to the most recent environmental education, activities, and treatment of toxic substances.
Corporate Action Standard
We understand that activities to environmental issues are common and conduct our activities in this in mind.

Quality Policy

Devote ourselves to quality first and continue delivering products which earn customers' satisfaction and trust.
  1. Always judge from customer's view point and act quickly.
  2. Put our elaborate knowledge and ingenuity in everyone's work
  3. Be thorough in TF-METAL way of quality first.
This Quality Policy is our company's commitment to our customers as we continue to grow together.

Certificate of Registration

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