After Fuji Kiko Co. Ltd. which started operation in 1944 split its automobile seat division, TF-METAL Co., LTD. was established as one of group members of Tachi-S which develops and manufactures leading automobile seats.

TF-METAL has been historically been traditional company since 1965 including Fuji Kiko period, with an integrated process incorporating development, die, tool and process design, press process, heat treatment, painting and welding, assembly processing and sales of automotive seat mechanism parts; mainly for recliner and slide rail. TF-METAL is developing global business with its main customers being major automotive companies in Japan, North America and China.

In recent years, the automobiles industry is facing a revolutionary age which has never been experienced as automated driving system emerge, a shift to EV grows and diversification is required. In this environment, speedy and flexible readiness and proposition are critical.

TF-METAL group develop continuous improvement activities as global suppliers of automotive seat frame and mechanism parts by insisting on becoming a company which gain relief, satisfaction and appreciation.

TF-METAL strives to be specialized supplier that meets and exceeds its customer expectations. We earn our customer’s trust by proposing and supplying valuable products through new technological advancements.

Yutaka Suganuma - President

Our Philosophy

We develop and provide valuable products through continuous technology advancements,
and become a specialized manufacturer who delivers customers' expectations and earns their trust.

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